Grand opening?

Not quite all I have, but it is a first post on my new blog.

On another front, since I’m looking at possibly moving next year to get closer to my job, friends, and get away from the awful evening parking situation at my current place, I’m looking over stuff to get rid of it. I’m probably going to get rid of some game system controllers.

I’ve been collecting game systems and accessories for a little while. I’ve gotten a number of controllers during that time, in part trying to get a nice “stable” of controllers for all systems so that I can host nice little gaming parties for my friends.

Unfortunately, even if I move into the same size place, I’m having to admit that I might have a few too many. I have THREE arcade style controllers for my PS1/PS2 games, for instance. And, between the two systems (which I only have the PS2 hardware for), I’ve got seven or eight Sony gamepads, about an even mix of Dualshocks and Dualshocks 2. Those, I know I have to pick one of the arcade controllers, and likely ditch the original Dualshocks in favor of the Dualshock 2s.

I also have one extra controller for Dreamcast, original Xbox, original NES, and a definite overabundance of Atari 2600 controllers.

It’s going to be a hard process of culling. But it should be worth it overall to improve my storage situation with gaming controllers.


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