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A Forward Look at Going Backwards

People fear change.  They avoid change, taking great lengths to keep doing things the way they had been.  For the most part, businesses have accommodated this willingly, at least as long as it doesn’t cost them.  That’s a key point … Continue reading

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Two Pissing Giants

I’m definitely annoyed with some of the players in today’s book market… more importantly, today’s maturing ebook market. And, sadly, that has taken me out of the ebook market until another player arrives to challenge the incumbents. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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I had someone somewhere manage to compromise my Twitter account over the weekend. They only managed to get out one post before I changed my password, thankfully. So, in response, I’ve locked out pretty much every external application that had … Continue reading

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Gamestop: Welcome to my Don’t Buy From You list

Yes, I will admit that I have one of those lists of companies that I will not buy from, as it pertains to my hobby of video games. It’s a hobby for me. I don’t have to have a particular … Continue reading

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Grand opening?

Not quite all I have, but it is a first post on my new blog. On another front, since I’m looking at possibly moving next year to get closer to my job, friends, and get away from the awful evening … Continue reading

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