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On Hurting Your Business by Abusing the Customer

Imagine that you are going to a restaurant for a meal.  Upon entering, you are required to present two forms of ID and register as the authorized user of that restaurant.  Then you are required to pay.  Before you can … Continue reading

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On Intentionally Making it Scarce

Warner Brothers has advised this week that as of the end of this year they will cease shipping DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs (BRDs) of the Harry Potter movie series (read more here [new tab]).  Now the last of the eight … Continue reading

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Not Paying for it Anymore

I canceled my TV satellite service last week and am not changing to what most would consider a direct competitor.  Since it isn’t strictly an issue of affordability, questions may arise as to why I would dump this sort of … Continue reading

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Two Pissing Giants

I’m definitely annoyed with some of the players in today’s book market… more importantly, today’s maturing ebook market. And, sadly, that has taken me out of the ebook market until another player arrives to challenge the incumbents. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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