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I’m Not Always On, What Reason Is There For My System?

While the rumors that the next generation Xbox, Xbox One, will require a persistent internet connection seem to not be true in all circumstances, there has been acknowledgment that regular check-ins are going to be required. In an interview with … Continue reading

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On Hurting Your Business by Abusing the Customer

Imagine that you are going to a restaurant for a meal.  Upon entering, you are required to present two forms of ID and register as the authorized user of that restaurant.  Then you are required to pay.  Before you can … Continue reading

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Gamestop: Welcome to my Don’t Buy From You list

Yes, I will admit that I have one of those lists of companies that I will not buy from, as it pertains to my hobby of video games. It’s a hobby for me. I don’t have to have a particular … Continue reading

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Grand opening?

Not quite all I have, but it is a first post on my new blog. On another front, since I’m looking at possibly moving next year to get closer to my job, friends, and get away from the awful evening … Continue reading

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